Samantha Fraser

Product Planning ·
UX Strategy ·
Visual Design


Design is about more than pretty pictures. It's about creating a plan, a strategy. Design involves all aspects of your product and affects every outcome. Let's work together to map out a strategy that will work for you and your users. It doesn't matter how beautiful it is, if it doesn't work, they'll never use it. I can help you make it work, and in a beautiful way.

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The Process

  • find_replaceResearch

    During this phase I will work with you to ask and answer several questions, such as...

    • Are there other products doing this already?
    • How do we differentiate from other products?
    • Who are the users of this product?
    • What is the experience level of our users?
  • paletteDesign

    The pretty pictures portion of the process!
    I will create mockups and prototypes to illustrate the design direction. Depending on each project's plan there may be several iterations and options.

  • rate_reviewReview

    Now we come back to you and your users. It's time to put the mockups to the test!

    • How do users feel about the look?
    • Do they understand how to accomplish their tasks?
  • cloud_uploadDeploy

    Success! We've iterated, reviewed, and possibly re-designed. Now, your product is ready to launch and we are ready to celebrate.


  • User experience design (UX)
  • User interface design (UI)
  • Web design
  • Front-end development
  • Graphics & Illustrations


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Hey, have we met? No? Oh, we should chat some time! Maybe you're into silly, casual, and occasionally design related mini-chats? Check out my Twitter. If you're more of a tradiontionalist (or maybe just have more to say than 140 characters allows), send me an email. If those methods are too direct for you, come find me on LinkedIn to learn a little more about me before you contact me.

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